Fable Studios Hayley and the Magic Farm


Fable Studios was established in 1995 by Maxene Morganson and her husband Gary.   Storytelling has always been the focus of Fable Studios – fact blended with a wee bit of fantasy.

The ‘mix’ of fact and fantasy got Maxene off to a very good start when, as a young girl, she spent time peddling her tricycle around the block “looking for Donald Duck at the pink lemonade fountain, where he hung out with his friends”.  It is no wonder Maxene won numerous awards for her writing as a young person in New Zealand.

Maxene’s flair for fantasy took an interesting twist when she moved to North Queensland in the late 1970s.  Her fascination with the animals and characters of North Queensland began to mingle and merge in her work.  From that time on Maxene began a very long and interesting trajectory, creating stories via the medium of sculpture, and words.

Since the 1970s Maxene’s ‘sculptures of narrative’ has been exhibited extensively in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  The ‘Fable of the Sea’ series followed as a line of fantasy jewelry designed, made and marketed by Maxene and Gary. If you visit the gallery page you will see a few examples of some of her previous work.

Now a resident of Coochiemudlo Island Queensland, Australia, Maxene is focusing on writing children’s stories – influenced by the incredible people, animals and environment that surrounds her.

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